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2August 2022

How to Decide if Your HVAC System Needs to Be Fixed or Replaced

Whether you should replace your HVAC system or merely fix it is one of the most frequent queries we get.

The question will be answered and solid information on which is more cost-effective will be provided by our skilled HVAC professionals at Air Conditioning Systems Int’l of Tucson.

Inefficient heating and cooling systems will cost you money in utility costs and prevent you from feeling comfortable in your home or place of business.

If you are unsure whether to repair or replace your HVAC system, have a look at these questions.

Homeowners can benefit greatly from finding a reliable air conditioning and heating service provider in Tucson that operates around the clock.

Fortunately for Tucson, Arizona residents, the HVAC professionals at Air Conditioning Systems Int’l of Tucson are on call every day of the week, to assist with any HVAC services you require.


To assist you go back to enjoying your day, our organization provides a variety of heating and cooling services. Every time you call, a real agent will answer the phone and immediately send a specialist to your house to handle the problem.


What is the age of your HVAC system?

A dated HVAC system may use a lot of energy and operate less effectively than it once did. An HVAC system that is more than ten years old should be replaced rather than repaired, according to our HVAC specialists. Additionally, modern heating and cooling systems have improved technologically to be more energy-efficient and enhance the quality of the air in your homes and places of business.

What is the level of comfort in your home?

Your HVAC system may cycle on and off too quickly if it is too large. As a result, your home’s air may become excessively humid for your tastes. Your HVAC system may not be wide enough to vent through your entire house if you experience chilly areas in the winter and hot spots in the summer. In this case, replacement may be the better option than repair. This is another typical indication of a system ductwork leak that is fixable. For a complete examination and assessment of your system, get in touch with us.

Do You Have High Utility Bills Because Of Your HVAC System?

An outdated HVAC system is less effective and uses more energy than a modern one. Due to the inefficiency, you might have to pay astronomical energy costs.

The energy efficiency can be increased by merely changing your filters.

If the issue isn’t with your filters, you probably need a new HVAC system that uses less energy.

After installing new systems, many of our clients reported seeing a reduction in their energy costs of up to 60%.


Is the dust in your home worse than usual?

If there is a lot of dust in your house, your ductwork may be damaged or improperly installed.

As a result, dust will be able to enter your system and drift around the house.

Without having to replace your entire duct system, we will be happy to inspect your ductwork for leaks and seal them as needed.


Does Your System Fail Frequently?

You can face frequent malfunctions during the peak usage seasons if your HVAC system is old.

This could result in expensive, ongoing AC repairs.

An outdated system that frequently fails has to be replaced.

Long-term savings from a new system will easily offset the cost of installing a new air conditioner.

The secret to the longevity of your units and ongoing energy savings is regular maintenance of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Our professionals have the skills and experience required to offer you comprehensive repair and maintenance services because they have many years of industry experience.

For more detailed information on whether you should replace or merely repair your HVAC system, get in touch with us right now.


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