ac replacement

2August 2022

ac replacement

Tucson, Arizona, Air Conditioner Replacement

We at Air Conditioning Systems Int’l of Tucson are aware of how crucial an appliance your air conditioner is, particularly during the summer months. We also know that they occasionally malfunction, in which case you will need to hire a top expert to replace your air conditioner. Here’s where we step in!

Tucson Replacement Services for Air Conditioners


A straightforward fix might not solve an efficiency issue, in which case we advise replacing your old AC unit with a more modern, energy-efficient model. Contact our HVAC specialists right away if you’re unsure about the age or energy efficiency of your unit.

We’ll go over your options and let you know what services are required to increase efficiency in your home.



Replacement AC Services

Our professionals will come to your house to give your AC system a thorough inspection.

Our professionals will talk to you about the various brands and energy-efficient solutions available and advise you on which one is ideal for you depending on your consumption and usage requirements.

In order to keep your home feeling as comfortable as possible during those warmer months of the year, our crew is not only knowledgeable about different AC units and manufacturers but also how much room they can cool.

We give you a written estimate that includes all fees and expenses. With us, there are no unpleasant surprises!

Everything is spelled out in the quote; if you have any queries or don’t understand something, our HVAC professional will respond to them immediately.

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Installing a New AC Unit


If you decide to replace the unit after the examination, our professional will come to your house with all of the tools needed to start the fitting and installation process. We meet your needs as well by working around your timetable. Additionally, we take extra care when installing the new unit to prevent damage to the AC or to your property, and once installation is complete, we will properly dispose of and recycle the old unit.


After installation, we thoroughly test the AC and all of the rooms. Our specialist will stay with you to make sure it is operating correctly and effectively cooling the entire house or workplace. Rest assured that our specialist won’t depart until he or she has given your new device a thorough inspection to guarantee it is operating correctly.


Maintenance Instructions for Air Conditioners

Our professional will instruct you on how to use and maintain the new air conditioning equipment in addition to performing AC installations. Given its efficiency, if properly maintained, it ought to last for many years. To assure cool air in your home or workplace for many years to come, our specialist will guide you through the process, explain what has to be done, and show you how to properly maintain the system.


Refunds for AC Replacement and Tax Incentives

There are numerous tax benefits for updating your air conditioning unit. This is done to help cover the cost of a new air conditioner and to encourage homes to switch to more environmentally friendly systems.

Visit the website of your local energy provider to learn more about tax advantages and breaks for air conditioners, or call us at (520) 348-8010 to learn more.